Discover The Latest And Best Menthol Flavoured E Liquids

Do you love minty flavoured e-liquids?

With their icy notes and sweet or floral bases, menthol e-liquids are irresistible for many vapers. Contrary to myth, menthol e-liquid will not cause your coils to burn out faster than usual.

Steam Chasers Ltd has many of the top branded menthol flavoured e-liquids for your delectation. Whether you love mild or strong menthol flavours, we have a huge choice of irresistible products to choose from, including nic shots and salts.

Nic shots contain an unflavoured, concentrated amount of nicotine which you can use to increase the strength of any nicotine-free e-liquid. In short, vapers can use them to reach their desired nicotine strength.

Many of our e-liquids, nic shots and salts could make the perfect stocking filler for a vaper this Christmas.

Among our range is this 12mg Ohm Brew Menthol Blast 10ml Nic Salt (50VG/50PG) from a brand that offers rich and multi-dimensional flavours.

No matter if they love sweet, menthol or fruity flavours, we’re always introducing new and exciting products to our extensive collection.

If you’re looking for methol flavoured e-liquids, simply explore our wide range today. Or get in touch with our team for more information on any of our products.